We support clinicians treating neonates, infants and children to

  • Understand safety and efficacy of drugs and other therapeutic interventions
  • Optimize dosing with/without therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)
  • Consider interactions, developmental and genetic effects on therapeutics

Expert Team for Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes van den Anker, MD, PhD, Consultant, Chair Paed CP
Prof. Dr. med. Marc Pfister, MD, Consultant, Co-Chair Paed CP
PD Dr. med. Nicole Ritz, MD, PhD, Consultant (Oberärztin)
Dr. med. Julia Bielicki, MD, Consultant (Oberärztin)
Dr. med. Victoria Ziesenitz, MD, MSc, Resident (Assistenzärztin)
Dr. med. Janko Samardzic, MD PhD, Clinical pharmacologist
Dr. rer. nat. Gilbert Koch, PhD, Mathematician/Pharmacometrician
Dr. sc. Mélanie Wilbaux, PhD, Pharmacometrician
Dr. sc. Verena Gotta, PhD, Pharmacist/Pharmacometrician
Dr. sc. Aline Fuchs, PhD, Pharmacist/Pharmacometrician
Andrew Atkinson, MSc, Biostatistician
Mo - Fr 9 AM - 5 PM Swiss Time
Contact: Sarah.Koechlin@ukbb.ch
Our pharmacology consultations will be charged to the patients, according to TARMED rates.

Unsere Pharmakologie Konsilien werden den Patienten gemäss TARMED Tarif verrechnet. Nos consultations de pharmacologie sont facturées aux patients, selon les tarifs TARMED. Le nostre consulenze farmacologiche saranno addebitate ai pazienti secondo le tariffe TARMED.
    Acute intoxication: ☎+ 145